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People don't use cycling facilities that already exist

“When cycling facilities are built, people often don’t use them, but cycle on the road anyway”

The response

This can often be true – many cycling facilities around the world are of a poor standard, failing to enable safe, simple, uncomplicated journeys. Some people who choose to cycle anyway will typically avoid poor-quality cycling infrastructure, because their journey would otherwise be slower and more difficult than just riding on the road.

In fact this is an argument for creating high quality cycling infrastructure which people will choose to use: well-designed facilities typically see significant uptake – for example in the UK, the new cycleways in London, or the Bristol-Bath cycleway.

Poor-quality cycling infrastructure is likely to go unused

Poor-quality cycling infrastructure is likely to go unused

Photo by David Owen (Copyright, used with permission)

people cycling on new infrastructure blackfriars road london

Photo by As Easy as Riding a Bike (Copyright, used with permission)