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People should cycle at the side of the road, not in the middle

“People who cycle in the middle of the road delay traffic and endanger themselves – they should stay at the side”

The response

Nobody actually wants to ride in front of motor vehicles. However, poor road design often means that it is the safest place to cycle.

For instance, there might be parked cars that need to be given a wide berth (car doors can be opened at any time), or there might be dangerously narrow ‘pinch points’ where it would not be possible for a car driver to overtake safely. Cycling out from the side of the road might be annoying to some, but it is almost always done for sensible reasons, and is entirely legal in most of the world.

The best way to reduce this kind of conflict is to design roads which physically separate cycling and driving, so that these two different modes of transport are not in constant conflict.