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Cycling should require a licence and registration

“Cycling would be safer if it required registration and/or a licence”

The response

This fallacy proposes that some type of registration should be required before people are permitted to cycle, and that this would make cycling safer by making people take responsiblity for their actions and respect the rules of the road.

Though this has been proposed many times, no-one has managed to make registration of people cycling or their cycles a workable proposition. Aside from any concerns about how to register children, whether the registration is for the vehicle or the person, or what rules one would have to follow in order to acquire such a licence, we know that registration schemes have no real value. The costs and complexity of introducing any such system would significantly outweigh the benefits.

If it were true that being registered made people safer, then it would be possible to link the levels of driver or vehicle registration to the safety of the roads. But as almost every car crash involves registered drivers in licenced vehicles, it is clear that registration does not appear to offer any meaningful disincentive to those who drive – or cycle – badly.

Furthermore, as cycling is a mode of transport which is widely acknowledged should be encouraged – as it is safe, efficient and doesn't pollute – adding bureaucratic hurdles would only serve to discourage usage.