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Cycling isn’t safe

“It’s unsafe to cycle and we shouldn’t promote it”

The response

Cycling is not an intrinsically dangerous mode of transport.

Danger comes mostly in the form of motor vehicles, particularly those travelling at higher speeds, and those of larger mass. That is why it is essential that good road design should separate cycling from faster motor traffic, and also from heavier vehicles like buses and HGVs. Where encounters do have to occur, they should be as limited as possible, and at slow speeds.

Even in countries with poor cycling conditions, the benefits of cycling outweigh the risks, but well-designed streets and roads also make cycling feel like a safe activity, as many studies have found that sharing space with motor vehicles on busy roads is an intimidating and scary experience for most people.

More journeys made by cycling would benefit everyone in society, through reduced pollution and an improvement in public health.

A new cycleway in London, opened in 2015

Vauxhall Bridge, London

A new cycleway in London, opened in 2015

Photo by As Easy as Riding a Bike (Copyright, used with permission)