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About this site

We created this site in order to collate all the facts and arguments about cycling for transport. While there are a great many blogs, articles and videos explaining these concepts, they can often be difficult to keep track of and link to.

If you're a cycle campaigner, you'll probably have come up against the same old arguments time and time again. There are many myths about cycling, which are widespread and often believed, without any basis in fact. So we hope to make it easier for cycle campaigners to win the argument by providing a quick response to these myths.

If you have any suggestions for additional fallacies, links to add to existing fallacies, or corrections to suggest, then please do get in touch using the contact link at the top of the page.

This site has been made possible due to the hard work of volunteers, and with support from the Cycling Embassy of Great Britain. The Cycling Embassy was founded by people who want cycling to be a safe, easy, everyday form of transport available to everyone. You can read the Embassy mission statement here.